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About Joshua Henry

I design to live, live to design. I also love great challenges, this gives me the oppurtunity to learn. The use of color, typography, design is my greatest passion. Making something out of nothing or a simple bar napkin, is the happiest place I could ever wish to be.

Responsive Web Design

The Hollow One is a site I have recently built for Compulsion Films. The movie premiered at SIFF in Seattle in 2015.With a couple of examples I was able to deliver them a great product.

Web Design

The web has come a long way over the years. Most all interactions are on mobile devices. Because of this vast array of devices, having the knowledge of responsive and adaptive design is a must. Design should be effortless on all forms of media.


I have been in love with photography for many years. Spending many hours in a darkroom, hands in the chemistry. The endless need to experiment and learn in this field has kept it as new to me as the first roll of film I ever developed.


With an ever changing landscape, one has to always learn. With development, one has to know what the client needs and what their limitations are. Working closely with the client is important for working through any possible issues that arrise.


Building a relationship with a client goes beyond just the final product. Things change with growth and the ever changing needs of a business. I am always striving to ensure the best experience for the client. .


I'm always open to talk to good people
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